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Sharpie Mug February 14, 2013

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It was my best friend from high school’s birthday this past week and since we’ve been friends for so long I’ve almost run out of good birthday ideas.  When I saw on pinterest the idea of baking coffee mugs to make sharpie permanent I decided I had to give it a try!  And who better to try it on than a friend who wouldn’t judge me anyway!  I’ve heard mixed reviews from people about the sharpie staying on, I didn’t have any problems here’s what I did:

I bought a coffee mug at the dollar store, I figured if this didn’t work at least I didn’t spend to much.

I outlined my design on the mug first with eyeliner.  I read about this trick somewhere and it was a lifesaver!  I was able to play with my design and the eyeliner washed right off!

I put it in the oven and THAN started preheating the oven.  I didn’t start the timer until the oven preheated though.

I baked it for 30 minutes and left it in there until it had cooled.

Overall it turned out great!  I ran some water over it after I took it out and the design stayed for the most part.  It did smear a little on the one side but otherwise I can’t complain!  Let me know what’s happened if you’ve tried this, I’d like to know other reactions!



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