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Wine Bottle Vases March 16, 2013

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Recently we’ve been trying to be classy in my apartment and start drinking some wine. Mixed reviews on what’s good and what isn’t so far but we’re getting there. Now me being the hoarder I am, I wanted to save some of the wine bottles we’ve been finishing, I swore I’d find some way to use them, I just wasn’t sure how. The other day I was bored, and feeling crafty so I dug up the wine bottles and decided to do something with them once and for all.


The project I came up with is insanely is and it looks so cute! Here’s what I did:

  • Supplies: wine bottles, spray paint, paint and paint brushes
  • I used hot water to get the labels and the sticky stuff off of the bottles.
  • Once that was done I spray painted them silver with some spray paint I had, this part was a bit tricky since I didn’t want to touch the bottles and get spray paint all over me. I wish I had taken a picture for you guys, I literally put the bottle in the grass upright and moved around it with the spray paint, I can’t imagine what my neighbors thought.
  • Once that dried I free handed some lines onto the bottles, DON’T try using duct tape, I thought I’d be smart, give that a shot, not a good idea. If you have painter’s tape go for it, otherwise I freehanded it and it turned out ok.
  • Paint whatever you feel so inclined to paint on there. I did one with a few lines and one with just a bold one in the middle.
  • For decoration I stuck some fake flowers in them that I got from Michael’s for a dollar.

And voila you’re done! I told my roommates I would actually use those bottles!


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